5 Helpful Hints When You’re Too High

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Getting high is great. However, getting too high isn’t great. You might start freaking out.

There’s no reason to lose control. Things will return to normal. And there are things you can do to help yourself.

Here are five things you can do when you get too high.

1. Hydrate

Your body is dehydrated.

It’s important to get as much water into your system as possible.

Just make sure not to drink too much water at once. You’ll process it too quickly and it won’t hydrate you.

Drinking too much water at once can also be dangerous.

Cold water is refreshing. However, it doesn’t hydrate you as quickly as warm water. A cup of hot water or herbal tea will hydrate you faster.

Chamomile tea is great for relaxing and hydrating.

Peppermint is another type of refreshing tea.

Stay hydrated even when you aren’t high. This will prevent you from getting too high. It will also help you recover.

Most people are dehydrated without realizing it.

You should drink at least two liters of water every day.

If you exercise, you should drink more water.

Remind yourself to drink water if you need to.

2. Stay Calm

Your high will end eventually.

Highs do not last forever. Here’s an overview of how long they typically last.

This will be different for everyone. Some people naturally have a higher tolerance to others. Some people are extremely sensitive to cannabis.

It’s impossible to overdose from a high.

You can’t overdose from weed. Your life is not in danger. You will be fine.

If you need to, seek help from someone you trust. Ask them to come over and help you stay calm. They can get help if necessary.

Getting worked up will only make things worse.

If you’re agitated, the high will become stronger. That’s why it’s important to stay relaxed.

Be proactive about creating a good setting.

Don’t smoke in a setting where you aren’t comfortable.

Only smoke with people you trust and in a location where you feel at home. Tell someone you’re planning on smoking. Ask them to check up on you.

Make sure you have a way to get home. That way you won’t stress about driving. You shouldn’t drive while high.

Staying safe will prevent your high from getting out of control.

3. Eat

A healthy diet is important.

Cannabis is known for bringing on the munchies.

Eating won’t necessarily satisfy the munchies. But it will help get rid of the high. Your body needs nourishment.

It’s tempting to go for chips.

Eat something healthy instead. This will help your body recover.

Eat well before you start smoking. That way your body is prepared for cannabis.

Luckily, it’s easy to order food at just about any hour of the day.

Don’t drive to the grocery store. It might cost a bit extra, but it’ll be worth it. And it’s much safer.

Have your favorite snacks ready before you smoke.

4. Relax

There is no reason to become nervous.

Do something to relax. A good bath or shower is a healthy way to relax.

Maybe use one of these bath bombs.

A bath will help your muscles relax. Let yourself enjoy the high.

Remember that you have control over the situation. Your brain is powerful even when it’s high. You have the capacity to alter your perspective.

You’re still in control even if you don’t realize it.

Light some candles. Meditate or turn on your favorite movie. Listen to relaxing music.

Do whatever relaxes you.

5. Get Fresh Air

Fresh air will help clear out your lungs.

There’s nothing quite like a deep breath of fresh air.

Step outside and take it all in. Slow down so you can breathe deeply.

You’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

Go to your backyard or somewhere with plants. The city is full of pollutants.

Invest in an essential oil diffuser. This will keep your apartment smelling nice and fresh. It’s essential if you like to smoke.

Open the windows so the smoke doesn’t get trapped.

Sitting in smoke will make the high worse.


Bad highs aren’t fun. Just remember that it won’t last forever. You will make it through.

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