6 Things You Need to Know About Illinois

by lsmithdennis


If you are looking to head on over to the Prairie State, there are a few things that you will want to know.  Whenever you travel to a new state, it is important to understand the differences in cultures: Illinois is no different in this.  Here are five things you need to know about Illinois!

1. Sports are Life

If you thought that Texans were crazy about sports, think again. From baseball to hockey, Illinois is heavily divided along sport lines rather than state lines.

Probably the biggest reason people recognize Illinois is because of Chicago or the Chicagoland area (Northern Illinois).  It makes sense then that the Chicagoland area is very polarizing when it comes to the passions of sports.

Generally speaking, there are three major teams that Northern Illinois supports: Cubs, Bears, and Blackhawks.  Chicagoans are extremely passionate about their Bears and will readily choose them over any other team.

On the complete flipside of this, are the Cardinals (baseball), St. Louis Rams (football) and the southern Illinois Blues.  As soon as you start to hit central to central-south Illinois, the opinions on teams change dramatically.

Be prepared that no matter where you go, someone will be on the topic of sports.

2. Chicago Isn’t the Star

When you take the time to read or speak with an Illinois resident, there is some easily noticeable tension on the topic of Chicago.  Even though Chicago is infamous in the states, and perhaps in other areas of the world, the state of Illinois has much more to offer.

The entire state is known as one of the best farmland areas and the state is roughly 80% farmland.  Recall how it is called the Prairie State? It is for a good reason!  The state is almost entirely flat and it has some of the richest dirt: talk about high quality produce!

Another thing to keep in mind about Illinois is that there is a large cultural divide that separates North Illinois from the rest of the state.  The area around Chicago, called Chicagoland, is considered to be North Illinois where the attitudes are far less rural and more city based.

If you look further into the cultural divide in the state, you don’t see a division of ethnicities, but more so attitudes and general behaviors.  Illinois is a massive melting pot where people from all over the world settle to dive into a life of their hands in the dirt.

3. Willis Tower vs. Sears Tower

This may seem to be a moot point but, apparently, Illinoians are very sensitive over what to call the Sears Tower.  Even though the tower was renamed at a much later date to Willis Tower, locals will still call it the Sears Tower.

When you are in Illinois, keep your ear to the ground about different landmarks.  There may be the names that other people know from out of state, but locals are going to call locations by different names.

4.  Always Go to the Farmer’s Market

All over Illinois, one of the shining charms is the presence of endless Farmer’s Markets.  Generally, the vast majority of the markets have everything someone would need to get through the week: from fruits and veggies to freshly slaughtered meats, the quality is unbeatable.

Yes, there are other states and cities that are known for open markets, but Illinois has them beat.  Farmers come in weekly bringing fresh harvests.  There are organic, non-organic, and preserved foods of all kinds.

It is also a great place to get what you need for natural cleaning supplies, good-for-you homemade soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.  If you are really lucky … you might find some handwoven clothes to help you get through the brutal winters.

5. Uber or Lyft Might Be Your Best Friend

Illinois citizens drive uncommonly fast.  Either due to the sprawling space or the aggressive nature of traffic, they swing around the road faster than Jason Statham in The Transporter.

If you aren’t ready for high speed action, dodging accidents and collisions left and right, then you’ll need a transportation service.  Uber, Lyft or Taxis are going to be your best and safest bet when learning this area.

Start off slow, and then maybe try driving in the left lane first for your own safety.

6. Marajuana is Legal (Recreation and Medical)

Recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois on January 1, 2020. However, just because it is legal doesn’t mean you should write off medical marijuana.

Illinois employs a large variety of employment opportunities that require physical labor. In these cases, it would be best to get in contact with a doctor like Medical Marijuana Doctors, to find what is best for your needs.


Illinois is a fabulous state to visit.  It has natural beauty, fantastic winter sports, and several historical landmarks.  Because there is so much physical labor, there are several doctors that believe in helping others in the most natural way possible.


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