Cali Bars Vape Review: Nicotine Salts Vapes In Many Fruit Flavors

by lsmithdennis
Cali Bars Vape Review Nicotine Salts Vapes In Many Fruit Flavors

Cali Bars are nicotine salts vapes that may be thrown away. The vape is available in a range of fruity flavors and nicotine levels. The Bars are air-activated gadgets with no buttons or screens that are straightforward and quick to operate. To receive their taste cloud, users begin puffing away from the mouthpiece. With its multi-colored exteriors and simple combinations, the disposable vape mimics many other popular vapes such as Puff Bars.

Cali Bars Review: Close Up

The Cali Bar is a disposable salt gadget that is simple to use. There are no refilled pods or a rechargeable battery included with the vape. Right out of the box, the unit is ready to use. To obtain a dose of the nic salts composition within, users merely need to inhale straight from the mouthpiece side.

This disposable nic salt Cali bars vape is available in various flavours. The vape colour schemes on the outside depending on the taste on the inside. The exterior of the Blue Razz bar is blue, the outside of the Strawberry vape bar is red, and so on. Outside the vaporizer, there is a lot of branding, including the company name, logo, and flavour.

What Comes Inside a Cali Bar

Cali Bar is a single-use nic salt vape with no additional components or accessories. The vape is an essential, easy gadget that should be discarded once the battery or juice pod has gone out.

The vaporizer cannot be recharged or refilled. Users with the necessary skills and knowledge may crack open the pod’s shell and fill it, just like they can with any other disposable vape. However, it may be simpler, to begin with, a different one.

Build Materials

The Cali Bars vape is entirely plastic and has no other distinguishing features. The vape bar is designed to be disposable. Thus it will not last longer than the battery or pod capacity. It signifies that its exterior will only last a limited time. Most disposable vapes have cheap plastic constructions since they are only intended to be used for a limited time.

This Bar e-liquid is no exception. The surface of this Cali Bar vape is constructed of plain plastic, while the inside components, like the battery and juice pod, are made of familiar materials like silicone. Depending on the fluid inside, this disposable nic salt vape comes in various colours. The vape’s only design element is its colour.

How Long It Lasts

Each Cali Bar disposable Elf bar vape contains a 380mAh direct voltage battery. A 1.3ml juice pod is also included with the vaporizer. According to the maker, the disposable vape can last up to 300 puffs depending on usage. The battery may run out before the liquid pod, which is frequent with disposable vapes.

There isn’t much anybody can do if this happens. Although some daring vapers may be able to split through the outer shell and extract the remaining juice, this is not advised. At the current price of a Cali Bar vape, it may be preferable to get a new one or save up for a package deal of Cali Bars to keep on hand.


Cali Bar is an excellent disposable nic salt vape for beginner vapers because of its simple designs. To obtain vapour, users just simply begin breathing via the mouthpiece. Users must search for different tastes because not all merchants will offer them all. However, whenever users locate them, the diversity of flavors available is sufficient to provide them with a comprehensive image of what the gadget offers

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