Fume Infinity Vape Device | In-Depth Review For Beginners

by lsmithdennis

With the increasing popularity of vaping devices, there are plenty of brands who offer products with the best features. Among those brands is Fume. You may be new to vaping or haven’t tried it yet. Thus, you may not be aware of Fume products. Currently, the brand offers three products: Infinity, Ultra, and Extra. Here, we’ll go through the essentials of the Fume Infinity vape. Now you can determine whether vaping is right for you and begin enjoying the process. Continue reading to find out. 

Specifications of Infinity Vape Fume

The Fume infinity is a disposable vape pen manufactured by the Fume brand. Compared to the other vape pens from this manufacturer, this one lasts the longest. The battery life of this vape is impressive at 3500 puffs, and the 5.0% nicotine potency is just as impressive.

Approximately five packs of cigarettes worth of nicotine may be found in one Fume Infinity. The vaping experience might last for days before the user goes out and buys a fresh vaping product.



Fume claims that its vapor delivery techniques are patented. This is to be expected, given the extraordinary ventilation offered by Fume’s offerings. But their ULTRA and EXTRA vaporizers have a history of leaking, so keep that in mind. This isn’t an issue with the Fume Infinity. When you inhale, no e-liquid will “spit” into your mouth. Many reviewers have praised the e-smooth cigarette’s draw, calling it a welcome change from the harsher sensations offered by rivals.



The Fume Infinity comes in 16 distinct vapor flavors. The e-liquid items that Fume has already released provide the same flavors that have always been offered. Cotton Candy, Blue Razz, Double Apple, Blueberry Mint, and Banana Ice are examples. It’s not only that there’s a wide range of tastes to choose from; the flavors themselves are enticing and nuanced. You’ll be able to taste it for a few minutes after your final puff has faded.



The Fume Infinity has a battery with a capacity of 1500mAh. Compared to the other vaping options provided by Fume, this one is the most potent. It can contain twice as much juice as the Fume Extra, another product of Fume, thanks to its large 12 ml capacity.

The robust vape pen battery means you won’t have to interrupt your vaping as much. Alternatively, you may enjoy your vaporizer habit for longer and more often. This vape’s battery has already been charged, by the way. This implies it is ready for use right now.

Pros of Fume Infinity Vape


One may expect a vaporizer with this much power to be cumbersome and large. But that’s not how things work at all! The Fume Infinity is the same height as a standard lighter. This makes it a better value than similar vapes that just provide a few hits. This is an aesthetic and financial improvement for those who want a more compact vape. This vaporizer pen is both stylish and practical. It looks like a little box with contours that conform to your hand for a secure grip.


Fume Vape is a disposable vaporizer brand that claims it will “Change the Game.” The Fume Infinity, a newer model with an all-new look and substantially more power, is the winner. For prolonged usage, it’s three- to four-day duration is ideal. It comes in a broad range of tastes, such as tangerine ice and strawberry mango. Also smaller than its predecessors, the Fume Infinity has a battery that is just slightly less powerful than that of the Fume Ultra.


The Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the specifications and merits of the fume infinity vape, you might want to try it. Thus, it is advised that you buy the product from a reliable supplier. 


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