Fume Infinity VS Fume Unlimited Vapes | Its Specifications And Similarities

by lsmithdennis
Fume Unlimited Vapes

At first glance, the two things look the same, about the size of two disposable lighters that have been taped together. Both of them are wrapped in the same soft pastel plastic.

The Fume Infinity has a much bigger battery (1500mAh) and less vape juice, which is a big difference (3500 puffs). The Fume Unlimited has a small, rechargeable 400mAh battery that needs to be charged about four times before the 7000 puffs of vape juice are gone.

Both devices are about the same price, so you are either paying for more battery (infinity) or vape juice (Unlimited).

Fume Infinity:

If you don’t want to charge your device ever, the Infinity has a huge 1500mAh battery that can last through all 12ml of vape juice without being charged. It’s a good thing since there’s no way to charge it. Fume makes sure the battery will last longer than the juice. So, you pay more for that big battery, both in terms of price and space for juice. It can only make 3500 puffs at once, but because the battery is bigger and the airflow is better, the Infinity can make stronger puffs. The Infinity vape has 10% more flavor when you hit it hard, but it only gives you half as many puffs for the same price as the Unlimited, which gives you 7000 puffs that are a little bit weaker.

Fume Unlimited:

On the other hand, you can save money on vape juice if you don’t mind occasionally recharging a disposable and taking average-sized puffs. With the much smaller rechargeable battery in the fume unlimited, you’ll need to charge it about four times before you’ve used up all 14ml of vape juice. In exchange, you get 7000 puffs, which is twice as many as an Infinity, for about the same price. On the downside, the smaller battery gives slightly weaker puffs than the Infinity, but that only matters if you hit like a beast.

Specifications of Fume Unlimited And Infinity Vape

If you want to learn about how these Fume disposable vapes are different, you can look at the technical specs below.

Fume Unlimited

Size: 14ml of vape juice

7000 puffs

400 mAh rechargeable battery capacity

Strength of Nicotine: 5%

7000 puffs can be done in about 4 charges.

Fume Infinity

Size: 12ml of vape juice

3500 Puffs

The capacity of the battery: 1500mAh 

Strength of Nicotine: 5%

Make sure you can get 3500 puffs on one charge.

Similarities of Fume Unlimited And Infinity Vape

  • Both of these systems are completely closed. Nothing to break or fall off.
  • You can’t fill them up.
  • Both cigarettes have 50mg (5%) of nicotine.
  • Their drip tips and bodies are the same.
  • Both have a lot of different tastes.
  • Both are smooth and easy to hold.
  • Both are made up of pastel colors that are bright.

Flavors in Both Vapes

Banana Ice Fume:

Bananas are sweet, and mint is cool. Even though the banana flavor is pretty good, the icing flavor is so strong that it should have been called “ice with a little banana.” It tastes good. The Infinity vape hits a little harder, but the lighter puff from the Banana Ice Fume Unlimited goes better with this heavy ice, based on how the puff turned out.

Strawberry Mango Fume:

Strawberries and mango are both fresh and sweet. These two tastes go together so well that they seem to make a new flavor that is sweet and a little bit sour. Even though these less common flavor combinations are correct, they don’t always taste as good together as you might think. This was not the case.

Both sets of Fume are good little vapes. All of the tastes were what you would expect them to be based on their names. With a hard enough draw, the Fume Infinity could hit about 10% harder. Because the Fume Unlimited has a small airflow, no matter how hard you puff, it won’t make more vapor.

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