Mystery About Gabriel Kuhn

Gabriel Kuhn

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Gabriel Kuhn

According to authorities, Daniel Patry, 16, killed Gabriel Kuhn, 12, after harassing and torturing him for more than a month. The incident happened in Blumenau, Brazil. Tibia, a video game, was the catalyst for the entire situation.


According to some legends, Daniel killed Gabriel because he needed money after Gabriel stole part of his money to use in the game and later refused to reimburse him.


The investigation revealed that Daniel had a history of being a brat and that his parents had tried to convince him to seek out psychiatric care, but he had resisted.


Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry Together with his friends Gabriel and Stephen, Daniel started participating in the online role-playing game Tibia. A neighbouring child named Gabriel became friends with Daniel when they were both participating in the game. While playing Tibia, Gabriel once requested 20,000 in virtual currency from Daniel. Daniel agreed to lend him money, but with one stipulation: he had to pay it back as quickly as possible.


Daniel kept contacting his mother to ask when she would be returning. By refusing to return the money, Gabriel prevented him from getting in touch with the other gang members.


In a fit of rage, Daniel called his mother to find out when she would be going back to Nova Trento. His mother was in Nova Trento on the night of the incident, about nine o’clock (TIM).


He then proceeded to Gabriel’s residence and tried to knock on the locked door, but no one answered. Daniel assured him that everything would be alright if he apologised to him. Gabriel thought what he said was true, so he unlocked the door.


Daniel attacked Gabriel after going inside and locked the door behind him. He was brutally attacked by him. After that, Daniel started to chuckle as he was covered in blood.


Daniel took a cord and tied it around Gabriel’s neck after becoming even more upset when Gabriel threatened to reveal some of his family’s secrets. For further information, keep an eye on this space.

Who Was Gabriel Kuhn?

Patry’s parents tolerated their son’s aggression and even took him to see a doctor, but he left the appointment early and stopped going to therapy. He is frequently reprimanded at school for forgetting to show up for class and skipping assignments. He would skip class and other events just to play the online game Tibia because he was so dependent on it. He met Gabriel and Patry while playing the game, and he borrowed 20,000 in virtual money from Patry. Gabriel was rebuffed in his attempts to refund the money as soon as possible and even blocked him.


Gabriel wouldn’t answer the door, but Daniel was offended and proceeded to his house. Gabriel was given a promise by Daniel that he would not speak to him again unless he apologised. Gabriel spoke in Daniel’s dialect and unlocked the door from the inside; Daniel then went inside and shut the door. Gabriel attempted to frighten Daniel by threatening to reveal his family’s secret to the public, but his plan backfired, and Daniel became outraged and killed Gabriel. Daniel then savagely assaulted Gabriel. This is the entire account of Gabriel Khun’s murder. We currently don’t know anything about Daniel Patry.

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