Learn How To Introduce LELO Sex Toys To Your Intimate Relationship

by lsmithdennis

Did you know that just 30% of women experience orgasms from sex alone? This indicates that a lot of women are figuring out different ways to get pleasure. While bringing LELO sex toys into the bedroom could make things more exciting, it might also make one partner uncomfortable. You are, therefore, already well familiar with the fascinating world of pleasure goods. You’re now interested in utilising sex toys during sex with your spouse, which is totally natural. And there’s a valid explanation behind that. 

Considerations before introducing sex toys in bed

Be very explicit about the toy you want to try

There are more than seven different types of vibrators alone, and additional sex toys, including dildos, strokers, nipple clamps, and floggers, are also included in this category. If you won’t be specific in your discussion, it’s possible that when you agree to use a sex toy, you may be picturing a sword-shaped dildo while your partner is picturing a vibrating cock ring. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you and your partner agree on the kind of toy you want to test out.


First and foremost, always be upfront about your needs. In any relationship, communication is vital, and this is true in the bedroom as well. Stress that a sex toy is an enhancement to sex, just like candles or music, when bringing up the subject. Make sure he understands how much you enjoy him and that you are interested in exploring further to see where the two of you can go. He’ll most likely be equally curious and eager to please you. To get both of you involved in the process, start out small by helping him choose the toy. Purchase a sex toy on your own and try it out by yourself if your companion is still opposed to using one. He’ll probably have a change of heart later and want to see it in action.

Be collaborative

Instead of one of you feeling compelled to use a sex toy; your trip should be one you two embark on together with shared excitement.

You don’t need to use a PowerPoint to explain why it will be fun to use handcuffs; you can just ask, “Would you ever be into my using a vibrator on you? It would probably be rather warm.

Shopping for a toy you both enjoy either in person or online with a friend is a simple way to start a discussion. Don’t bring one home and surprise your lover without first discussing their interests. Additionally, purchasing new sex objects with a fresh companion is a nice idea.

Focus on exploring pleasurable points

Are you prepared? Great. Keep the play focused on you and your spouse when you bring the sex toy into bed. Your best friend will be verbal affirmation (a.k.a. nasty talk). Tell your spouse how turned on you are and how amazing they are making you feel.

You want the item to be a component of the experience, not its main focus. Don’t forget to tell your partner how much you adore their penis, vulva, and body. 

Try to avoid bringing up the toy. You can use the toy on yourself or direct your partner’s hand to your trouble regions. They’re trying to cheer you up. They might be amenable to incorporating sex toys into the usual routine if they notice how much fun you’re having.

At The End

Still, wondering whether it is working for you or not; what then? Keep using sex toys like LELO Soraya 2 with your companion occasionally. Do not give up on using sex toys altogether because their first one didn’t work when there are so many options to explore at the official adult online store of Jou Jou Luxe.

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