LELO Soraya 2 – Handpicked Rabbit Vibrator For Dual Sensations

LELO Soraya 2 - Handpicked Rabbit Vibrator For Dual Sensations

by lsmithdennis

How did a playful woodland creature end up becoming the key to female sex happiness? Here’s some interesting sex toy history for you: This well-known LELO Soraya 2 vibrator actually has Japanese roots. The openly phallic sex toys were discouraged, and manufacturers started searching for more approachable and adorable alternatives.

Although the charming design was enticing, the rabbit vibrator’s propensity for inducing orgasms kept it in vogue. The fact that Rabbit vibrators were even mentioned in a classic Sex and the City episode helped to maintain their dominance of the women’s vibrator market. They are a mainstay of fulfilment in the bedroom for a reason, so it makes sense.

What is a rabbit vibrator?

The greatest rabbit vibrators(opens in new tab) are clitoral stimulators attached to vibrating sex toys in the form of a phallus.

The clitoral stimulator’s resemblance to a pair of rabbit ears is how the device got its name. A rabbit’s long, silky shaft is ideal for gratifying the G-spot. The clitoral tickler is rigid and frequently textured.


Dual Pleasure

Most women are unaware that the clitoris is bigger than they believe it to be. While some may believe it only affects the skin’s outer delicate regions, it actually goes deeper.

The fabled internal G-spot that everyone seeks out? All that’s left is the clitoral network.

A rabbit connects the two worlds and can provide a wonderfully synchronised orgasm by igniting every component of this prized clitoral network.

The greatest rabbit vibrators are so comprehensive that you may essentially operate hand-free. It’s as simple as leaning back, pushing in, and buzzing until your ears explode. You could, of course, move around as you choose, but the rabbit truly does the majority of the work for you thanks to its clever design that remarkably well matches the anatomy of the majority of women.

Numerous models, colours, and variations are available

Due to their widespread recognition and popularity; rabbit vibrators have a wide range of characteristics. That implies a wide range of options to accommodate your unique anatomy and preferences. The three main shapes of rabbits are phallic, G-spot, and contemporary. The G-spot form offers more of a curve for improved G-spot stimulation, while the phallic shape is the more conventional rabbit that most people are familiar with. Modern versions of the rabbit typically have a single, pinpoint stimulator in place of the conventional rabbit ears and are more ergonomically constructed. Everybody has a unique body. Different people have different tastes. There are enough options for rabbit vibrators to suit almost everyone.

Solo Pleasure

Being independent is one of the main reasons we get so thrilled about sex toys, let’s face it. Yes, fingers and the showerhead are acceptable, but with the correct tools, we may enjoy a fulfilling sexual experience even when we are alone.

The clitoral stimulation provided by a rabbit vibrator is similar to that which women are capable of handling on their own, but it also includes the crucial penetration needed to connect the remainder of the clitoral network. Single and hesitant to socialise? On lonely nights, the bunny vibrator can take care of you and yet make you happy. Who says that penetration requires a man? Do you need something that can complete the task swiftly and effectively while also catering to your pleasure? This is the essential addition to your collection that you require.


While some individuals like oral sex toys, others require penetration, which is where thrusting dildos and vibrators come in. There is a tonne of sex toys like LELO Gigi 2 available at Jou Jou Luxe that replicate the feeling of penetration. The best aspect is that you may unwind while thrusting without actually moving your hands or wrists.

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