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Users of TikTok are playing practical jokes on one another by searching for a specific word on Google – DON’T DO IT!

Trends on TikTok spread like wildfire. Before you know it, everyone is trying it out. It starts with one person copying another, followed by another person copying them. However, patterns occasionally emerge that you wish had never happened in the first place.

The Old Grannies trend has exactly produced that result. Everyone is being duped by someone who thought it would be hilarious to deceive them into conducting a Google search that yields troubling results. Let’s start with the introduction to Old Granny Meme:

What is Old Granny Meme?

Are you even following the latest fad if you’ve never heard of the old granny meme? But hold on there! You might run into difficulty using this meme. Memes from TikTok quickly get popular. The Old Granny meme is one example of this. Users are tempted by this particular thing to search Google for something that doesn’t turn out to be really relaxing to the eyes. When you search, you expect to be surprised, but what you find is frightening.

Obviously, this is incredibly thrilling to some people. But is this an amusing story? By instructing someone to conduct a Google browser search for elderly grandparents, users are misleading them. Why do individuals do it if it simply isn’t worth the effort, you might be wondering? Decide why. Because if everyone participates, then you should too!

Searching for old grandparents on Google is not wonderful. According to our findings, a browser search for that just returns images of elderly folks. It’s not inappropriate to see photographs of elderly individuals, although the images might not be as visually appealing. Additionally, it occasionally results in offensive and uncomfortable images of elderly individuals.

Old Grannies Memes: Tik Tok Users Prank With Each Other

If you’ve recently spent a lot of time on TikTok, you might have noticed that many users talk frequently about elderly grandmothers.

We all adore our grandparents, and there are some entertaining accounts devoted to OAPs around the world, but the videos we’re discussing today are a little more frightening.

Users of TikTok are pranking each other by instructing them to utilize their internet search engine to look for specific terms as part of a recent trend. Old grannies are the phrase in dispute. I’m cautioning you not to do it.

Social Media Suggest Everyone “NOT TO DO IT”

Many individuals have been using Twitter to explain to others WHY they SHOULDN’T search for “ancient grannies” in Google since the TikTok craze went widespread.

“DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO GOOGLE AND SEARCH OLD GRANNIES AND GO TO IMAGES,” a Twitter user exclaimed. TikTok, you deserve it.

Another person chimed in, saying, “Okay, I just saw this TikTok, and whatever you do, don’t look up old grandmothers on pictures.”

Still curious? Okay, we’ll explain what happens if you search for it.

What Happens When You Search for Old Granny On Internet

We’ll tell you what comes up in a Google search for “ancient grannies” if you’re really interested.

Hundreds of graphic images of senior citizens are returned by the search query. These are seriously X-rated photographs, and we don’t just mean a little bit revealing.

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