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Want to learn how Musicnotes can help you in your day-to-day life as a professional musician? We’ve gathered comments and reviews from real users to show you how Musicnotes can assist with all of your sheet music needs! We’re the place where the world’s musicians go to get their sheet music. But don’t take it from us… take it from customers like you!

As a professional musician, you need sheet music that is available in an instant! With Musicnotes, you can find and purchase new music in a matter of minutes:

I now bring my iPad Pro to my piano bar gig. If I get a request I don’t know, I just buy it, making my customers very happy. The tip usually more than covers the cost, plus I get a new song in my music library!
-Bob Bruneau

Musicnotes.com has pulled me out of last minute situations so many times. Just find it, pay for it, print it. It’s that easy. And the prices of fabulous!
-Chyrl Richmond Brown

I’m someone who took up music again after nearly 30 years. I’m not as fast as I used to be turning pages! I discovered this app and love that you can have all your music in one place and even purchased a wireless page turning petal to turn the pages. The other huge selling feature is that you can write on your music!!! Most any song I look for is on here. It’s so fun and makes me want to run to the piano. I can imagine this is professionals dream app. A real go to if you need a song on the spot. I am slowing creating a library as I work on one song at time, it really has given me something to look forward to working on each day. I give this 10 stars:)

I used to travel from my rural town 75 miles to find an, at-best, poor selection of outdated sheet music that was usually simplified or a lousy arrangement. With musicnotes.com, that is no longer the case. I love your instant downloads, and I like that I can legally purchase the printed score to my favorite songs. Your website is a breeze to use, the plug-ins work great on any computer I use, and the price you charge is so reasonable, I must confess that I’ve purchased more sheet music than I can probably afford!
– P. Bekkerus

For your various concerts or performances, you’ll need a wide range of music! Whether it’s the latest hits or an older classical piece, we want to make sure you’re covered for any request or type of event:

Have been a Musicnotes customer for years. As a worship leader and a harpist, I try to stay current with praise & worship songs, as well as harp selections. Love the convenience, accuracy, availability to transpose most songs, and the availability of current popular songs, as well as traditional songs from the distant past. MUSICNOTES ROCKS!
-Melissa Saffelder

The best tool I have come across, for rehearsing and learning new songs. Also covering the most comprehensive range of genres.
– Tim Francis

One of our big features is the ability to transpose your music to find the key that’s works for your range! And you can even do so after the piece has been purchased:

Best sheet music website, second to none! Great selection, like the transpose function, excellent iPad app where I can transpose and play the song, also like the loop function!
-Jos Rehli

This has been my source for music for over 10 years! Love how I can select the key for any of the arrangements!
-Shirley Ellis Vatter

Extremely user friendly and the availability to print in any key is a major plus! I love this website!!
-Karen Pace Kotanko

Take a well-deserved bow, musicnotes.com! Great service to help Great musicians find Great music! Such an easy way to shop for music. Can’t thank you enough for providing such a great service to us all. The ability to transpose and instantly print in so many different keys is fantastic. Before musicnotes.com, I was hand-writing music, which took forever. Or, I was typing lyrics and figuring out chord symbols to place over the lyrics. So very, very time-consuming! Who’s got time for that these days? You are literally a lifesaver!

Interested in joining Musicnotes Pro? Visit our website to learn more about the benefits included with a Musicnotes Pro-Standard or Pro-Plus membership!

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about Musicnotes and why we have over 7 million customers worldwide. To find more testimonials, visit our blog posts for casual musicians and music educators! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team.

With over 300,000 arrangements, we’re confident that you’ll find something you love. Plus we’re constantly updating our library, so you can have the newest music right at your fingertips!

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