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Have you wondered how Musicnotes could help you in your day-to-day life as a music educator? We’ve gathered comments and reviews from real customers to show you the perks of using Musicnotes on your own and in the classroom! We’re the place where the world’s musicians go to get their sheet music. But don’t take it from us… take it from others like you!

As a teacher, you’ll need to find the right music for your student. At Musicnotes, we offer a wide range of music for all types of musicians. We understand that everyone has their own unique taste, ability, and learning style. We’re here to help make it easier for both students and teachers alike! Here’s what some of our customers have said:

I have been thrilled with the access to sheet music on Musicnotes. I also like the option to listen to artists playing the music I want to order. My students often ask for sheet music of particular tunes I need to locate, and I have found that Musicnotes rates at the top of my searches.

A marvelously useful music source. Does everything it promises and is well worth the subscription. Young students enjoy using the app, which makes it easier to get them to practice.
– Ca Potts

Musicnotes has been my go-to website for purchasing music for myself and for students. Finding “free” music on the internet steals from the artist, and the music itself is often sub-par with multiple errors. I can always count on Musicnotes to provide quality music, in multiple levels, and their customer service is fantastic!
-Tori Ingram

One of our exciting features is the ability to transpose your music and find the key that’s perfect for your student! And you can even do so after the piece has been purchased:

Musicnotes is my first go-to for downloadable sheet music, especially contemporary song literature. I find the transposable option particularly useful, as I am a singing teacher, and my students range through all voice types. The downloadable feature means that I can get the music right away, and allows me to email it to my students. I recommend Musicnotes whenever a student is trying to find contemporary music or music theater songs. I also find it useful for songs in the public domain.
– Kyra Humphrey

I cannot do without Musicnotes.com for new ideas. Musicnotes has been such a wonderful site for me to obtain some special requested sheet music. As a music teacher I have easy access to new materials/songs, a choice of transpositions, different genres and I can order such a wonderful choice of music that is appealing to my own personal use. The price of the sheet music is excellent value and downloading the digital version is so convenient. Thank you so much…
-Kerry Browning

I am often looking for music to play for different occasions/meetings or even church. Musicnotes has never let me down! It has music for instant printing/download and it even lets me hear the piece before I buy it! I have even bought music for my piano students – especially easy pieces from popular movies – for special treats!
-Lynn Ingersoll Grear

Need a song right now? No problem! Our music is available 24/7 and can be downloaded & printed in a matter of seconds:

I used to travel from my rural town 75 miles to find an, at-best, poor selection of outdated sheet music that was usually simplified or a lousy arrangement. With musicnotes.com, that is no longer the case. I love your instant downloads, and I like that I can legally purchase the printed score to my favorite songs. Your website is a breeze to use, the plug-ins work great on any computer I use, and the price you charge is so reasonable, I must confess that I’ve purchased more sheet music than I can probably afford!
– P. Bekkerus

The app be also be used as your students’ accompanist when they’re practicing on their own:

Love Musicnotes & their app! As a music teacher – who plays very limited piano – this is a lifesaver! My instrument is my voice so this app enables me to work efficiently with my students – as well as though I did play the piano accompaniment 🙂 Thank you Musicnotes!
-Gennine Vanessa Hauser

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about why music educators and musicians in general trust us; we’re proud to have over 7 million customers worldwide! To find more testimonials, visit our blog posts for casual musicians and professionals! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team.

We also are proud to offer our FREE Musicnotes Pro for Educators! Learn more by visiting our blog or Musicnotes.com/Pro.

With over 300,000 arrangements, we’re confident that you’ll find something you love. Plus, we’re constantly updating our library, so you can have the newest music right at your fingertips!

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